Tap Into Your Creativity for Quiet Revolution’s Art Challenge

Hi, Quiet Revolution community!

Does an art challenge send sparks flying for you? Planning on having some free time over Thanksgiving? If yes, we need your help!

Quiet Revolution’s manifesto is at the heart of our mission, but we only have it in text form. That’s why we’re inviting you to showcase your talent and help bring our manifesto to life.

You can use just a portion of the manifesto or the whole text to create your artwork—and this is the only requirement or instruction we will give you.

Submit all completed art to http://www.quietrev.com/submit-art/ by December 15, 2016.

Here are a few examples from our clever illustrators to get you inspired:

Sample Illustrations by Liz Fosslein Sample of Marzi illustration from Introvert Doodles
By Liz Fosslien By Marzi of Introvert Doodles

Although we’ve included drawings here as examples, please don’t think we expect only drawings from you. Artwork means so many things! It’s totally up to you what medium you use to create.

Thank you for tapping into your creativity to further Quiet Revolution’s mission. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Happy creating, and for our American readers, happy Thanksgiving!


The team at Quiet Revolution


Quiet Revolution Manifesto

  1. There is a word for “people who are in their heads too much”—thinkers.
  2. Solitude is a catalyst for innovation.
  3. The next generation of quiet kids can and must be raised to know their own strengths.
  4. Sometimes it helps to be a pretend-extrovert. There is always time to be quiet later.
  5. But in the long run, staying true to your temperament is the key to finding work you love and work that matters.
  6. One genuine relationship is worth a fistful of business cards.
  7. It’s okay to cross the street to avoid making small talk.
  8. “Quiet leadership” is not an oxymoron.
  9. Love is essential; gregariousness is optional.
  10. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” —Mahatma Gandhi