Tranquil Scenes to Welcome Spring

I’ve always found it somewhat incongruous that a new year begins in the dead of winter rather than the dawn of spring.  There’s something about the concept of awakening from a winter’s sleep—the idea of rebirth and renewal—that’s always appealed to me. It’s like a reminder that regardless of what past is, we all have the power to make things new again. And for those of us who are introverts, spring can be a beautiful, gentle reminder that after a time of inward contemplation, there comes a time when we may emerge.

I hope you’ll enjoy the following bright images of spring—because we can always use a colorful reminder that emerging can be a warm and lovely thing.

A dragonfly alights on a bare branch:


Bee awakens on a blossoming lime tree:

bee on a branch

Redbuds are back!


Magenta orchid welcomes the morning:

purple orchid



Morning rose:


Texas wildflowers beginning to appear:


A tree of hearts:

tree with red leaves

Bitterweed carpets a field:

yellow bitterweed

Crimson clover in the spring sunlight: