The Quiet Ambassador Network

“The next time you see a person with a composed face and a soft voice, remember that inside her mind she might be solving an equation, composing a sonnet, designing a hat. She might, that is, be deploying the powers of quiet.”

– Susan Cain

Join a group of path-breaking, progressive organizations creating cultures where all talent thrives.


Our workplaces favor an ideal self that is bold, alpha, and gregarious. Extroverts tend to be associated with these “ideal” traits more often than introverts (and men more frequently than women). These favored traits have seeped into our definitions of leadership, our creative processes, and our assumptions about what good performance looks like.  The result: a large number of highly valued, talented people are living in—and oftentimes leaving—workplace cultures unsuited for them.


To solve this problem, Quiet Revolution is building a network of Quiet Ambassadors from leading companies in the workplace. The Network is comprised of women and men; introverts and extroverts (and ambiverts); all united by their belief in the power of complementary personality styles and their commitment to serving others. We call these people Quiet Ambassadors. And they already work for you.

Quiet Ambassadors believe:
  • Temperament matters—more than most realize—because it influences every aspect of how we live, learn, and lead
  • Relationships thrive when the power of temperament is unlocked.
  • Stronger relationships create higher engagement, better leaders, and extraordinary innovation

Quiet Ambassadors are empowered to apply their expertise in temperament to fix broken relationships. A Quiet Ambassador understands that where one falls on the introversion and extroversion scale is an authentic and innate characteristic that brings to the table a valuable and unique perspective.

Ambassadors take a proactive and leading role in encouraging and uniting workplace communities to leverage the strengths of both introverts and extroverts to create workplace cultures where no potential remains untapped or under-appreciated.


The solution unfolds over three months like this:

Insights. First, you arm an influential cohort of your existing people with the skills to embrace their own and—as importantly—each other’s unique natural strengths. These people become your Quiet Ambassadors.

Action. Second, your Quiet Ambassadors convert that knowledge into action: expand definitions of leadership to allow more people to fulfill their inherent potential, amend creative processes so they tap into every person’s natural strengths, and redefine good performance so it recognizes everyone’s contributions.

Guidance. Third, the Quiet Revolution team provides guidance and support in the form of individualized and group coaching, thought leadership, online resources, and all around kindness.

Network. Fourth, your Ambassadors build relationships across the network with Quiet Ambassadors in other organizations. Best practices are shared. Problems are explored. Creative ideas are generated. In sum, learning and impact extends beyond the boundaries of your organizational culture.

Results. And finally, Quiet Revolution measures that impact for your business and across the network as a whole. Do employees feel valued? Is creativity unleashed? Do teams perform better? And are new leaders emerging?


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