Jaymi Garvett – Parent Edge

“Susan was outstanding, and people were blown away. We’ve brought a long list of accomplished speakers and thought leaders to Mercer Island, and I have heard a number of people repeat that Susan was the best speaker we have ever had. I personally agree. Her message is salient, timely and crucial—especially for parents and teachers—and she is also warm, witty, engaging, and articulate. She not only speaks softly, but with such kindness and humility that even when she disputes the value of group work in the classroom, teachers and administrators fully understand her without getting defensive. Back in the day when I taught, my Dean of Faculty described his job as “trying to herd cats.” I truly think Susan Cain would be successful herding even the most independent-minded cats over to the side of our quieter kids. On behalf of the entire Parent Edge team and Mercer Island Community, please thank her for her time, energy, and passion.” —Jaymi Garvett, Parent Edge