The Quiet Tech Network

"Introverts living under an extrovert ideal are like women living in a man's world."
– Susan Cain

Join a group of path-breaking Anita Borg Institute Partners creating cultures where women (and introverts) thrive.

Our workplaces favor an ideal self that is bold, alpha, and gregarious. Men tend to be associated with these “ideal” traits more often than women (and extroverts more frequently than introverts). These biased ideals have seeped into our definitions of leadership, our creative processes, and our assumptions about what good performance looks like. As a result, large numbers of talented people are living in – and oftentimes leaving – workplace cultures unsuited for them.
There is a longstanding dearth of women in technology, and no one has known what to do about it.The Anita Borg Institute and Quiet Revolution have formed an alliance with a new vision to tackle this longstanding challenge. Our shared vision: the key to gender and personality equality is to expand the definition of the ideal employee and leader.

To make this vision a reality, we have formed the Quiet Tech Network.

Quiet Ambassadors. The Network is comprised of women and men; introverts, extroverts and ambiverts; all united by their belief in the power of complementary personality styles and their commitment to serving others. We call these people Quiet Ambassadors. And they already work for you.

The Network launches March 2017. Reserve your spot today!

Self-Awareness Journey. QLI will help you find the Quiet Ambassadors in your midst (usually 10-20 to start). We then work with them for an extended journey (3-12 months). During this time we help them develop self-awareness and build their expertise in temperament.

Insights into Action. Ambassadors apply that self-awareness to help their colleagues build inclusive teams and cultures. We support them with coaching, online tools, and “best practice” conversations with their Network peers.

The Impact. The Anita Borg Institute will ensure we stay focused on the primary objective of increasing representation of women technologists in the industry by helping everyone measure the short and long-term impact Quiet Ambassadors have in your organization.

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