Susan Cain

Author and Curator

World’s most famous introvert. Author of Quiet, Quiet Power, Quiet Journal and forthcoming book Bittersweet. Unlikely renowned speaker. Wife. Mama. Chocolate eater.

I prefer listening to talking, reading to socializing, and cozy chats to group settings. I like to think before I speak (softly). Until a decade ago, I was terrified of public speaking, and I am still amazed that such a giant fear is conquerable. During the last 10 years, I’ve given almost one thousand talks, a fun fact that would have astonished my childhood—even my 40-year-old—self.

I dream big and have audacious goals, and I see no contradiction between this and my quiet nature. You can read about some of my goals here.

I live on the banks of the Hudson River with my beloved husband, sons, and magnolia trees. My favorite activities are reading, writing, meditating, yoga, tennis, and traveling the world with my family. Lately, I’ve also been on a running kick. I long to lounge around cafés again.

I use a lot of old-fashioned expressions. I’m insatiably curious about human nature.

To me, one of the best things in the world is that sublime moment when a writer, artist, or musician manages to express something you’ve always felt but never articulated, or at least never quite so beautifully.

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