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Nidhi Berry

Editorial Director

I’ve always loved the idea of the why behind people, and this is what the best of writing explores. My fascination with people’s stories led me to lifelong love of reading and a career in publishing. It’s now brought me to Quiet Revolution, our thriving community, and our wise and deeply introspective writers. I’m honored to be part of the process in enabling our authors’ voices to be heard and connected to our community members.

I first explored the intersection of great writing and digital platforms while working with ebooks at HarperCollins. At Random House, I licensed foreign rights for the Crown Publishing Group for authors including Martha Stewart, Mimi Thorisson, Brian Peterson, and Chris Hart. I discovered a lot of great restaurants and recipes while in this role! I also discovered Quiet; it fell into my hands in manuscript form while I was at Crown. As soon as Quiet Revolution was created, I knew I had to one day be a part of it.

Although personality tests like Myers-Briggs have long intrigued me and I’ve known I was an introvert since young, I didn’t understand the complexity behind temperament until I first read Quiet. As a child, I could generally be found in my room with the door shut, exploring the words and worlds of my favorite authorsbut always feeling a little uncomfortable because I was supposed to be outside playing with the other kids. Quiet Revolution’s deep exploration of authenticity is part of why I’m here.

When I’m not reading and editing, you can find me volunteering in and exploring the culinary scenes of Seattle and New York. You’ll also frequently find me standing in the middle of crosswalks, hoping I won’t be hit by traffic, in order to capture the perfect photographic moment.