Madeleine Smith

Quiet Support

I graduated from the College of William and Mary in May of 2016. I still can’t believe I’m not a student anymore!

I was an English major, so my job for four years was to read and write about incredible literature. I was lucky enough to study Jane Austen from her home in Bath, and I consider reading James Joyce’s Ulysses to be one of my greatest achievements. As an introvert, the English major couldn’t have been a better fit for my temperament. I spent a lot of time engaging with different texts on my own before heading to class to discuss them with a group.

I minored in business, and while completing one of my first class requirements, I watched the TED Talk by Susan Cain. It resonated with me immediately and I am now so thrilled to be working for such a powerful cause. I’ve always had a deep desire to understand and to help people, but in college often found myself confused as to how to achieve that aspiration. Quiet Revolution is definitely the answer.

I also volunteer at a barn that provides therapeutic horseback riding lessons to kids with special needs, I love going for runs with my dog Jake, and I spend every other waking moment laughing with my three younger siblings, also known as my three best friends.