Jenny Lee

Community Manager

In November 2014, I sent a letter to Susan Cain. In it, I professed that I’m a shy introvert (it’s the first time I’ve ever written that in a job application!) and shared some crazy ideas for how to grow Quiet Revolution’s community.

Months later, I was welcomed by the Quiet Revolution team—and now, here I am, meeting you.

In the past, I’ve worked with the talented teams at Blue State Digital and Barrel, where I wore many different hats: from social media to digital strategy and customer support. These days, I spend most of my time exploring ways to use language and technology to spark curiosity, communicate emotions, and build stronger connections.

I also love to read books slowly and am an active rereader. Roxane Gay is one of my favorite writers, and, inspired by her definition of a “bad feminist,” I identify as a bad introvert. Sometimes, I’m that person you wish would quiet down who’s talking and laughing loudly with a good friend over coffee (perhaps also the one spilling coffee on herself). You may also find me wandering around New York City getting lost in the crowd (sometimes panicking and other times enjoying the constant chatter), and then, if I’m lucky, finding a rare quiet spot to sit down and learn about people who don’t think or look like me.

Quiet helped me plant my quiet roots deeper, and I’m very happy to help extend the book’s message and welcome our Quiet Revolution community members to inspire and support each other. See you around, and hi!