Colleen Quinn portrait

Colleen Quinn

Special Projects Manager

I came to Quiet Revolution through the back door when my husband and Quiet Revolution co-founder, Paul Scibetta, asked me to pay our first few invoices back in 2013. I am a social worker and physical therapist by education but have spent the last 20 years as an ex-pat spouse and mom, raising two boys in Tokyo, London, New York City, and finally Hong Kong, where both our sons graduated from High School. In those years, besides coordinating moves and school applications and trying to create the perfect social situations so my kids felt at home, accepted, and happy, I was always looking for my own challenges to enrich life. Among other endeavors, I have become a student of diverse cultures, a certified shiatsu masseuse, a Japanese speaker, a Pilates instructor, a potter, a tutor to Somali refugees, a family tour guide, a chair of school festivals, and the co-coordinator of a charitable project to build a hostel for 30 girls greatly affected by the 30-year civil war in Northern Sri Lanka. I consider that last one to be my proudest achievement since it really isn’t fair to take credit for the unique and wonderful people our sons have become. A close second is helping Quiet Revolution become a reality!

I first met Susan Cain in the early ’90s when she worked with Paul at a New York law firm. Because of their friendship, I have had the luxury of following Susan’s adventures over the years. To watch the success of her book and to see the lives she has touched has been pure joy. Helping out in all areas of the Revolution is a perfect job for me because as a slightly extroverted ambivert who cherishes quiet time, I thrive on the daily friendly interactions with our Quiet Revolutionaries.

You can find me working for the revolution both in Vermont and New York City with my husband and two Hong Kong street dogs never too far away.