Still Life: Standing Out

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The theme of this Still Life is Standing Out. Take a moment and a breath, and be still.


While nobody likes a braggart (except for the braggart), there’s no need to keep your accomplishments a secret. When was the last time you let loose with a well-deserved “TAH-DAH!”?strut


The quietest among us can rise up to meet a challenge, and the loudest tantrum may simply camouflage fear. A firm, composed declaration can show true strength.stand


When you are your true, authentic self, you are in touch with the core of your personal power. A blossom doesn’t rely on pretense to make an impact—why should you?bloom


Have you found the purpose that lights you up? When you know what you’re doing is important—to you or to others—you’ll find that you have the courage to shine and that others will follow you.shine