Quiet Revolution’s Top 10 of 2017

We are so excited to present… our most-read articles of 2017! (Take a look at 2016’s top 10 here.)

May these help you reflect on your year as we reflect on ours.

10. A Quiet Leader is Still a Real Leader by Tamar Charney 
When others’ belief in you helps you believe in yourself.

9. The The Strugglers and the Thrivers by Daniel Keating 
How is it determined in which group we belong?

8. The Secret to Being a Great Conversationalist by Gregory Peart 
How to take the bull by the horns when conversing.

7. The Asshole Survival Guide: The Backstory by Quiet Revolution
Q&A with author Bob Sutton.

6. Get Your Flow On by Friederike Fabritius and Hans W. Hagemann 
How to enjoy your work by getting lost in it.

5. To Each Their Own: Giving Feedback to Introverts and Extroverts by the Karl Moore
There’s so much beyond a simple “thank you”.

4. How to Stop Being a Doormat by Ellen Hendricksen
Standing up for yourself but being polite.

3. Interviewing and Job Searching as an Introvert by Shavon Evelyn 
How to live the “Veni, vidi, vici!” motto while job hunting.

2. The Power of Silence by Jane Babb 
When doing nothing sometimes is the same thing as doing everything.

1. 9 Self Protection Strategies for Empaths by Judith Orloff 
Combat toxic energy and stop taking on other people’s stress. 

We’re very grateful for your readership and support, Quiet Revolution community. 

Thank you in helping us change the world!

We wish you all a healthy, happy 2018.