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Quiet Revolution’s Newest Chapter: Quiet Parenting

When I gave my TED talk back in 2012, I told a story about being at camp as a young girl. In the story, I explained how I had a vision of camp as somewhere that I would be able to peacefully sit amongst other young girls and blissfully read for hours on end. When I got to camp, the reality was far different; I was subjected to activities like loud cheering that were uncomfortable and unappealing to me. However, in order to fit in, I went along with the cheering and other activities and gave up on my books for the summer. This memory of camp has stuck with me because I was pressured to act like an extrovert instead of embracing my true nature. Experiences like these, which I’ve had all throughout my life and know that I share with others, were what led me to eventually quit my job as corporate lawyer, write Quiet, and subsequently to launch Quiet Revolution.

From the moment we started Quiet Revolution, we knew that kids were at the core of our mission. At the heart and center of the Quiet Revolution is empowering the next generation of children to know their own strengths and to be freed of the sense of inadequacy that has shadowed the children of previous generations. We want to give parents and teachers—all of you who have quiet kids in your lives—the help you need to guide your children through a wonderful but sometimes maddeningly extroverted world.

For this reason, ever since our launch we’ve had parenting ideas bubbling up through all of our work—and those ideas have finally come to fruition. We are so proud to offer to our community a slew of stories, tools, learning, and even a knowledge quiz, all to help parents, educators, and caregivers of quiet kids.

So please, read our stories and take our quiz to test your knowledge of how to guide a quiet child through the world. 

All of this has been our labor of love for the last year and we’re only just getting started. We’ll have lots of stories and new features from our parenting community as we grow (including a parenting podcast and a brand new parenting portal—stay tuned!). Please do watch this space, join in, spread the word, and let us know what you think.

We’re so excited that you’re here!

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