Quiet Revolutionaries

Quiet Revolutionaries are readers who embody the spirit of Quiet Revolution: strong yet gentle, firm but kind, they are as indomitable as they are unassuming. These are intimate portraits of people of all ages from across the globe, whose stories run the gamut from hilarious to heartrending.

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Christy Ailman

How are you running the marathons of your life?

Jane Carey

What does it take to raise a child?

Tessa Armstrong

How do you recharge your batteries?

Denise Tanaka

Maybe we're all just at different speeds.

Pete Mosley

"Even the tiniest pebble creates ripples right to the edge of the pond."

Jeffrey Gould

Got an "introverted" weakness? Maybe it's your strength!

Terence Adamson

What do you see when you dive below the surface of an iceberg?

Tree Franklyn

Noisy birthday celebrations aren't everyone's cup of tea.

Shaun Jay

No matter how shy or introverted you may be, you too can become a great public speaker.

Ansel Oommen

What happened when this introvert stopped stifling his narrative.

Alina Baltag

Maybe you're a superhero still searching for your powers---like Alina.

Seth Burleigh

How much is introversion inherited?

Amy Cordier

A slightly different take on divorce.

Marette Hahn

How this introvert and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) grew to be a leader.

Fred Petke

How a challenge also became a gift.

Angela Smith

"I became quite infamous for being the quiet psychologist who delivered an iron message in a velvet glove."

Julie Mayfield

To me, the word introvert had negative connotations: shy, boring, no fun. And even though the person administering the test patiently explained that being an introvert didn’t mean any of those things but instead had to do with where you got your energy, it took me a while to stop being defensive.

Shahzia Noorally

Much of my newfound confidence comes from recognizing that I didn’t have to play into stereotypes of what would or wouldn’t work for my quiet self.

Liana Norheim

My life story began to make sense as I realized I was on the extreme end of introversion.

Joseph Rivers

A healthy sense of self goes beyond temperament.

Atiqah Samsuri

Talking more isn't always the answer.

Lorraine Duffy Merkl

The many advantages of having social butterflies in your life.

Caroline Bogart

The power of words: "You are not shy. You are just reserved."

Daphne Buckingham

Straying away from one's nature has profound consequences. So does returning.

Stephanie Roland

Think only extroverts can exude confidence? See how it's done the introvert way.

Nate Adlam

Self-judgment ruling your life? See how this introvert slayed this dragon.

Alina Sato

A quiet moment - full of meaning - can change things.

Jim Comey

An ode to the rarest of sounds.

Mohamad Saab

How this introvert grew from overthinking into confidence.

Sarah Lauderdale

How this introvert overcame her fear of the unknown.

Maria Kappell

How this introvert went through a lot of soul searching - but found her happiness in the end.

Angel Andres

It's not about the level of noise, it's about the intention behind it.

Paul Chalk

Why he wouldn't change his bullied past for any other.

Alina Sato

Nursing isn't typically seen as an introvert-friendly profession. Quiet Revolutionary Alina Sato proves otherwise.

Antonia Ruiz-Koffman

Resources like Quiet Revolution help grow my confidence to live my life as myself.

Clayre Benzadon

I finally reclaimed solitude when I discovered poetry.

Rainesford Alexandra

My stomach was churning, my palms were soaked, and worst of all, I had the racing thoughts of self-doubt: Why would they ever want ME to do this?

Patrick Hyland

Being alone: do you crave or fear it?

Lorelei Bachman

What do you hear when you become still?

Eitan Snyder

Introversion is not an impediment to being onstage—it's an asset.

Natalya Williamson

Having trouble speaking up at work? Here are 5 tips on how to find your voice.

Gayle Rose

Out of chaos and into self-awareness: one introvert's journey.

Nes Michalak

How one music teacher turned her quietness into an advantage.

Donna Lawrence

How this introvert found her power while growing up in the shadow of her extroverted sister.

Valerie Wu

How this introvert's story creation on the page led to a bigger life.

Jennifer Bennett

Six ways this introvert succeeded in her field that you can use in your own life.

Michele Cheng

Church culture didn't start off being a natural fit for this introvert, but things changed.

Patti Welsh

When your partner and your kids are all extroverted---what's an introvert to do?

Shavon Evelyn

How this introvert found strength in expression.

Kevin Rhea

Sometimes being bad at something is a blessing in disguise.

Sam Rose

Quiet Revolutionary and ambivert Sam Rose asks others to respect boundaries and check assumptions in this thoughtful letter.

Suzie Plakson

I find it terribly, emotionally uncomfortable, even painful, to have these necessarily extroverted talents and yet a quiet and peaceable nature---especially in the performing arts, especially in this country.

Liza Vaca

I am continually learning and reminding myself to not only accept who I am but also to accept that others don’t sense the world the way I do.

Jessica Wilson

When our world completely shattered and we plummeted into a crater of darkness, what was left?