Quiet Revolutionaries

Quiet Revolutionaries are readers who embody the spirit of Quiet Revolution: strong yet gentle, firm but kind, they are as indomitable as they are unassuming. These are intimate portraits of people of all ages from across the globe, whose stories run the gamut from hilarious to heartrending.

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What Paul Newman Taught Me About Introversion

The world may not always understand introverts, but it still needs them.

Daring Greatly

What quiet hope are you holding onto?

Taking a Look Back

How your superpower—deep listening—can earn you respect.

The Secret to Being a Great Conversationalist

How to take the bull by the horns when conversing.

Nancee Cline

When surprising others can be a pleasure.

Mary McKnight

Letting go is never easy, but it can be liberating.

Amanda van Mulligen

Quiet doesn't always mean okay.

Megan Anderson

30 seconds—a life changed.

Kayla Taculog

Fish out of water—yet thriving.

Nicole Scott

Words are like butterflies; catch and release.

Jane Babb

On the gift of stories of quiet.

James Horton

If you were a tree, what would you be?

Thomas Deakin

Introversion is not to be wished away. Embrace it.

Michael Duffy

Is your true self challenging your way of life? Are you listening?

Lisa Harding-Bond

Think an introvert can't be an outstanding salesperson?

Courtney Rosebush

The littlest of human beings can beat you at your game... if you care to listen.

Supper Club, Introvert Style

Stepping out of your comfort zone might be worth the momentary discomfort you feel.

You Must Keep Your Pace Even

Your battery will run out—use it wisely.

Running Outside of the Pack

Even an introvert can find it thrilling to be slightly part of a crowd.

Overcome Feeling Like a Fraud

Throw away labels, and be yourself!

Ferry Meewisse

Finding personal in the seemingly impersonal.

Alex Pappas

"I might be quiet, but I am not incapable."

Cristina Gomes

Where do you experience belonging?

Hana Tiro

An extroverted introvert? It's not an oxymoron.

Siti Naquia Abdul Rahim

A stranger + proximity = comfort? It does happen.

Sneha Menon

Quiet perseverance pays big dividends.

Carolyn Kiel

Have you heard of a "gym-trovert"?

Nina Jervis

The tale of a "pushy" introvert.

Jaclyn Desforges

How do you handle the question, "Why are you so quiet?"

Marielle Caballero

Speak up quietly but firmly, and change the world.

Heeju Jang

Sometimes, the gift of newfound confidence comes in a strange package.

I Tried to Fool the Myers-Briggs Test

Purpose and meaning can sometimes erase the distinction between introversion and extroversion.

An Introvert Finds Her Voice… in French

When you find your bliss, you become fearless.

The Introverted Yogi

Forget popularity; invite authenticity.

An Introvert Speaks Up

When you are the one being listened to.

Michelle Rockwell

The quiet strength to pull it off.

Sidra Montgomery

Little ways to start deep connections.

Manuela Ribeiro

Never underestimate an introvert.

Sandra Younan

When the going gets tough, the introvert gets thoughtful.

Tariq Mustafa

The internet: the savior of the quiet soul.

Neha Mandhani

Are you an introverted parent? You can save your sanity.

Zharif Badrul

Tongue vs. pen: what wins in your universe?

Jamie Jakubik

Hi! I am an introvert. Wanna date?

Nathan Haley

How far did you have to travel to find yourself?

Michelle Buck

"You are not alone. You have a voice in this world."

Lauren Brown

Remembering who you are can give you wings.