The Power of Quiet Workshops*

"The next time you see a person with a composed face and a soft voice, remember that inside her mind she might be solving an equation, composing a sonnet, designing a hat. She might, that is, be deploying the powers of quiet."

– Susan Cain

Join a group of path-breaking, progressive organizations creating cultures where all talent thrives.


Our workplaces favor an ideal self that is bold, alpha, and gregarious. Extroverts tend to be associated with these “ideal” traits more often than introverts (and men more frequently than women). These favored traits have seeped into our definitions of leadership, our creative processes, and our assumptions about what good performance looks like.  The result: a large number of highly valued, talented people are living in—and oftentimes leaving—workplace cultures unsuited for them.


To solve this problem, Quiet Revolution provides workshops for leading companies. The participants are comprised of introverts and extroverts (and ambiverts), all united by their belief in the power of complementary personality styles and their commitment to serving others. We call these people Quiet Ambassadors. And they already work for you.

Quiet Ambassadors believe:

  • Temperament matters—more than most realize—because it influences every aspect of how we live, learn, and lead
  • Relationships thrive when the power of temperament is unlocked.
  • Stronger relationships create higher engagement, better leaders, and extraordinary innovation

Quiet Ambassadors are empowered to apply their expertise in temperament to improve interactions in the workplace. A Quiet Ambassador understands that where one falls on the introversion and extroversion scale is an authentic and innate characteristic that brings to the table a valuable and unique perspective.

Ambassadors take a proactive and leading role in encouraging and uniting workplace communities to leverage the strengths of both introverts and extroverts to create workplace cultures where no potential remains untapped or under-appreciated.

Alone Together: "Working Smarter" with the Power of Quiet 

The solution unfolds over a half-day workshop, as follows:

Introduction: A Quiet Revolution. First, you're encouraged to challenge assumptions about what it means to be "quiet."

Strengths and Stretches: I Wish You Knew. Second, you identify your own style, based on your preferences for stimulation/deliberation- and the stretches necessary to pursue meaningful outcomes. Communicate your temperament-based strengths and needs to facilitate strong relationships.

Alone: Quiet Times and Spaces. Third, you identify ways to shift culture around the notion of Quiet times and spaces.

Together: The Power of Mixed Teams. Finally, you learn to value diversity of temperament on teams and establish norms to protect and leverage it. 

After the workshop, your team will be able to:

  • Understand the biological basis of our personality styles;
  • Enhance levels of engagement and productivity by recognizing, validating, and rewarding the authentic self of each team member;
  • Assess the personality styles of team members and identify ways to leverage strengths of all styles;
  • Incorporate quiet times and spaces into workplace schedules and sites;
  • Maximize creative and innovative output by using more inclusive collaboration techniques.

All profits from these workshops will be donated to a worthy cause!

Dr. Kasevich designs and delivers programs nationwide that focus on guiding school and workplace communities to foster inclusive cultures where people of all temperaments thrive. A specialist in educating quiet and women leaders, she is passionate about helping students and adults alike to use self-awareness to optimize their ability to lead in today’s world. Kasevich, known for her effervescent presentation style, is a frequent speaker at educational conferences and associations, and her Quiet Revolution work has been featured on NPR and in numerous publications, including Huffington Post, New York Magazine, and Harvard Magazine. A member of the DEAK Group, she is the author of the Guide to Giving, a highly-acclaimed K-12 philanthropy curriculum, and Closing the Gap, an influential girls’ leadership curriculum. Her proficiency is grounded in over 20 years of experience as educator and history department chair at schools in New York City, including Nightingale-Bamford, Dalton, Berkeley Carroll, NYU and Cooper Union. Kasevich has served as Director of Académie de Paris, an Oxbridge Academic Program, and is Program Director at the Hotchkiss Student Leadership Institute. A gcLi Alumna Scholar, she received her BA from Haverford and PhD from New York University.

Derrick Carpenter is President and Founder of Vive Training, Inc. which delivers experiential leadership development programs grounded in the principles of positive psychology, the science of well-being. Since 2007 Derrick has managed and delivered high-performance leadership training for hundreds of organizations including Fortune 500 corporations, top business schools, professional sports teams, military leaders, college and secondary school students and instructors, and non-profit organizations. As a certified facilitator and coach with the Quiet Revolution, Derrick applies his expertise in positive psychology to raise awareness of the power of temperament in our workplace cultures. In addition to his work with QR, Derrick serves as a VP for Happify, Inc. developing artificial intelligence software to coach people through activities that protect against depression and anxiety. As a member of the University of Pennsylvania's Resilience Program, he has trained US Army personnel on resilience and mental toughness skills and consulted on well-being science for organizations including the University of Texas, the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder, the Department of Defense, and the VIA Institute for Character. Derrick coaches individuals on implementing positive psychology techniques to achieve their goals and has served as a teaching assistant for positive psychology courses at the University of Pennsylvania. He has served as the Happiness Expert for VeryWell.com and has been a regular contributor on well-being to Positive Psychology News Daily.He has researched learning, talent, and what makes people great in psychology labs at Harvard, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania. As an athletic enthusiast and huge proponent of experiencing life to learn, Derrick was voted Most Inspirational by his college rowing team, is an avid multi-national touring cyclist, competes in triathlons, and is a certified personal trainer. Derrick holds a B.S. in Mathematics from MIT and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

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