I have been a primary school teacher for nearly six years. I was drawn into teaching because I love talking to children. Many teachers are quite extroverted and what I would describe as “big characters.” One of the things that defines me as a teacher, however, is that I am soft-spoken. I very rarely raise my voice, and I like to work with the children in a calm, organized way. I find that children respond very well to this approach, and they feel safe in a quiet, calm environment. I like talking to the children one-on-one and really listening to what they have to say. I empathize with children who are quiet or shy; when their parents voice concerns at parents’ evenings, I share that I was just like that when I was in school, and that it’s not a bad thing.

Many people may think that a job like teaching, when you are in front of a class all day, is not a job for an introvert. But I think it’s important for children to see a range of role models, both introverted and extroverted, and to know that both are okay.