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The “Right” Personality for a Job

Quiet Revolutionary Rachael Trigg’s Story

“You just don’t have the personality for that,” a surly boss once told me when I inquired about an associate producer job on the show I was currently crunching numbers for. A few months later, a dear friend and roommate suggested I try out production and offered me the job of assistant production coordinator on a food show in a wonderful Pacific Northwest city.

Here I was, going on the road with a show for a few months. Since I had never done anything on set before, didn’t go to film school, and definitely didn’t know how to book travel for 100 people, I had no idea what I was in for. I just knew my life had to change.

Being a hardcore introvert would prove to be a lot more work for me in the wonderful world of Hollywood. Once we got to Seattle, I was thrown into the production side of TV. I sank for a hot second, but then I fell in love. I remember trembling when, for the first time, I had to say to a crew of 60 plus people “go for Rachael” over the walkie.

Watching the producers in their brainstorming sessions, I quickly realized that producing was what I wanted to do. I was a creative type and believed I could finally become the person I dreamed about. I told everybody what I wanted to do. The problem was: being more of a listener than a talker made things a little trickier. However, after landing my first associate producer job for National Geographic, it occurred to me that being a listener first didn’t actually matter. I was who I was, and I had to own it. Despite the fact that I wasn’t that stereotypical overzealous LA producer, the cast and the talent all trusted me and my calm demeanor.

While I still have a bit of work to do on myself and for my career, I have learned that being an introvert who works in television is not an obstacle—it’s a blessing. Since that day of being told I didn’t have the personality for it, I’m here to tell you that, ten credits on television shows in, I’m here to stay.

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