I’ve been thinking hard about the world and what a quiet person can do to try to change things for the better. It’s about shining light into dark corners, I think. Many small acts of positivity are just as effective as great big ones.

That’s purpose enough for me—to encourage and energize people to believe in themselves enough to make their contribution, however humble. To step off the treadmill, celebrate their non-conformity, resist the huge pressure to simply comply and conform. To create something that carries their unique values and strengths out into the world.

The noisy world of protest and demonstration is anathema to a quiet person, so the notion of stepping into the debate gets set aside. It’s just too noisy, too overwhelming, and too painful to contemplate.

Quiet is a sanctuary, but it can also be a hiding place. The world needs thoughtful people more than ever right now. What can a quiet person do to step up and make a difference?

1. Think about the change you can make in the world. Think about your legacy and what you can do or create that will have a positive impact. It doesn’t have to be big. Even the tiniest pebble creates ripples right to the edge of the pond.

2. Work with other quiet souls. It lightens the load and takes away the loneliness. Collaborate sooner rather than later. We are stronger together.

3. Do something to reveal the energy that’s wrapped up in your quiet. It doesn’t need to be grandiose. It doesn’t need to be noisy. It may simply be about sharing your unique insight. Create a shift, however small.

If you have a gift, however humble, you also have a duty to share it. The energy for change must be created somewhere. If not within you, then where?

Take your pebble. Drop it in the pond. Watch the ripples spread.

Quiet Revolutionary Pete Mosley is also the author of The Art of Shouting Quietly. Find more here.

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