I live in Lebanon, where people don’t know a lot about introverts. Extroverts are the ideal. We, introverts, suffer because of the social norms. The Eastern mentality is very extroverted, and Eastern extroverts put a huge pressure on us because they think that we are not strong enough to fight and work hard. In addition, the Arabian social life is more active than the social life in the West—in fact, more active than in any other culture. Relatives are very close to each other. For this reason, introverts are castigated. So many of us suffer from depression and being undervalued. We can’t find ourselves.

But we are the creators in this world. We have the goodness in our hearts; we think about others; and we do our best to help them. Introverts have a mind of gold, an awesome mentality. We succeed! Yes, we succeed, even with the pressure under which we live. Together, we can shake the world in a gentle way.