Last spring we received a submission from a young Revolutionary who was only beginning to find his way as an introvert. In his original post, you could feel that he was starting to understand the power he could harness in his own introverted way. We recently received an update from him. No longer the “timid teenager,” Mohamad has claimed his power and is well on the way to helping others to do the same. This is Mohamad as he is today.

This article is directed to every person who feels that their life is going nowhere, who is sick of being misunderstood, or who is having difficulties in facing society and its norms. I want everyone who’s reading this to trust what I’m about to tell you as I hope it sets you on the path to become the best version of yourself.

I am a shy and sensitive person. I was like this one year ago; I am like this at the moment; and I will always be like this. The difference now is that I no longer allow my personality to prevent me from living my life to the fullest. Instead, I learned that there are ways to stretch myself.

A year ago, I was that weak timid teenager, who feared anything that could make him have contact with people. Despite this, I had big dreams and aspirations, which I procrastinated about because I was waiting for the time when I wouldn’t be afraid anymore.

Public speaking was a nightmare for me. Attending events and socializing required me to have a super power. I was fragile back then and cared a lot about what people thought of me. I would filter my thoughts hundreds of times before starting a conversation with anyone. I was always thinking negatively, and those negative thoughts controlled my mind and my actions.

Who would believe that recently, I was able to speak in front of my colleagues in college all the while making jokes and feeling confident? I will tell you how I came to this. Five minutes before my presentation, I said to myself: Come on, who cares? Just stand up and talk. There will be without a doubt SOMEONE who will like what I’m presenting!

Whenever you have to think of doing something social that holds you back, forget about what people will think of you because, believe me, they’re not going to focus on you. They’ll likely be pondering what film to watch, what clothes to wear, what book to read, etc.

Every single thing we do can be seen from either a positive or a negative perspective. By simply re-framing a scary thing as a positive, I was able to do it. Whenever you have to do something hard that might turn out negatively, think of it as an opportunity. Forget about what people might think of you because people have their own lives and concerns. They’re not going to waste their time focusing on just you! Don’t think twice when it comes to deciding whether you want to face your fears or not—just do it. If you’re going to have a conversation with a stranger, just think that it’s going to be fun, and don’t overthink it to the point where you turn it into something negative and back out. Overthinking used to kill me and prohibit me from doing new things in my life. Don’t let it stop you!

I hope my story helps you believe in yourself and your potential, even if it’s just a little bit more. By simply re-framing the things that left me stifled and shy before, I was able to see that life is much brighter than I thought. Be strong and be positive!

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