Reading Quiet and following the discussion about it have changed my perception of myself as an introvert from both personal and societal standpoints. The knowledge I have gained from it has helped me make the right big lifestyle decisions such as moving to a village in the countryside to produce my first album.

It has also taught me to become open about my needs for solitude and meaningful social interaction, which has changed every aspect of my life and made my path unfold before me more naturally. I can’t and do not want to change the fact that I’m an introvert, but I can choose which environments I take part in and who I surround myself with. Being comfortable with my choice to focus my social energy on a few close friends or people who make me feel connected on a deeper level and to spend my time in quiet environments allows me to use my time for what is most important to me—and not to the extrovert ideal.

Today, I’m more aware, secure, and proud of who I truly am and what I truly want.