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Winter Is the Season for Introverts

Quiet Revolutionary Jamie Kocur’s Story

I love the feeling of coming home after being out in the cold. Cheeks and nose numb from the bitter sting of the elements. Then the front door opens, and there’s that blissful feeling of warmth slowly returning to your extremities. Top it off with a snugly blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. Absolutely perfect.

Although not my favorite season, winter is a close runner up. Unfortunately in Florida, there isn’t much winter. The term “snow day” evokes a feeling of envy. When I hear of people being snowed in, having school canceled, I feel serious jealousy.

Each winter, I long to move north to a snowy winter land. I grow weary of mild Florida winters. I get giddy when we have that rare cold snap and temperatures plunge to the 20s. I eagerly pull out my scarves and boots and soft sweaters.

Northerners are probably rolling their eyes as they shovel their driveways. I get it. Snow isn’t as fun and magical as I envision. It would probably take only two weeks in a real winter scenario to send me back to my flip-flops, crying.

That still doesn’t stop me from feeling serious envy toward beautiful snow-filled Instagram feeds. I want a snow day. In Florida, the closest we get is torrential downpours. I do love them, but they lack the magic that snow days seem to possess.

When the days grow short and the temperatures plunge, I long to curl up. Disappear under a blanket. Make crockpots full of warm soup. Drink hot coffee. Get lost in a good book. Binge-watch Harry Potter.

Being snowed in sounds glorious. Staying put and hunkering down. A day to hibernate in your home and a reason to leave the rest of the world out in the blizzard. Nowhere to be. Time to watch the gentle flakes fall to the ground and marvel at the frozen beauty surrounding you.

I think winter is the season for introverts. It’s the time of year when Mother Nature begs us to slow down and curl up. The world around us seems to take a collective breath. Winter is a good time for reflection. It feels like the only time of year when humanity says it’s okay to hole away at home.

As much as I enjoy the vibrant colors of spring, I’m always disappointed when the temperatures begin to rise. Warmer days mean it’s time to come back outside. Rejoin the world. The time of rest has come to an end.

I may never have the snow day I’m dreaming of, but I do get brief moments of hibernation: cozying up at home on the weekends or, during workdays, coming home to the smell of soup, simmering in the crockpot all day. Those moments warm my heart and refresh my weary, introverted soul.

But I still say: Old Man Winter, bring it on.

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