I was born in a totally introverted family. Neither of my parents are talkative or social. I was brought up in the same way. When I try to remember my childhood, one scene that always pops up in my mind is my dad shouting at my mom. He channeled all his depression and anger at my mom even though in public he was known as a very soft guy. My mom kept her tears to herself. She didn’t have any friends she could share this burden with. I too was very afraid of my dad. Sometimes he would be jolly and I could play with him, but other times his calmness turned to anger. I was afraid to speak.

Up to my 10th grade, I was a very shy kid. But I didn’t care about that too much. I loved math and science and books (especially detective and science fiction novels). To continue my studies, however, I had to move to another school, where I was totally lost. New buildings, new teachers, new friends. I couldn’t adjust. When my friends got together without me, I felt alone. During those two years, I made only three good friends. I was very shy, very introverted. It got to the point that after class, I would run to the bus to catch it just so I would not have to wait another 20 minutes for the next bus. I wanted to vanish as fast as I could. I ran to catch that bus every day.

College life changed me. I made really, really good friends that have helped me change in a positive way. Today, I have overcome a large part of my shyness, but I am still introverted. And finally, I am beginning to love myself the way I am.