Partnerships allow us to extend our mission of empowering introverts by creating real-world products, tools, and touch points that bring meaningful change to the lives of introverts everywhere. We seek partners that share in our mission, respect our core values, and aspire to be a part of Quiet.


We’re delighted to join forces with The Huffington Post, a leading global source of breaking news, opinion, entertainment, and community. Together, we’ve launched a co-branded Quiet section on The Huffington Post featuring content created and curated by writers and producers from Quiet Revolution. Thanks to The Huffington Post, we can bring our voices and ideas to an even wider audience.

Steelcase Logo

Introverts represent up to half of today’s workforce, but they often work in workplaces that overwhelm them. This mismatch between introverts’ need for privacy and focus and their work environment greatly impacts productivity. Steelcase and Quiet Revolution have partnered to create Quiet Spaces: five diverse quiet spaces within introverts’ workplaces to help them do their best work. These spaces are based on the design principles that meet the needs of introverts: 1) permission to be alone, 2) control over the environment, 3) sensory balance, and 4) psychological safety.

allencomm-logoAllen Communications is an award-winning training company with more than three decades of experience. Their experts solve problems with beautiful custom learning solutions by bringing creativity into instructional design. Quiet’s strategic partner for e-learning, Allen Communications has been an invaluable resource for the team and will play a pivotal role in the future of Quiet.


In the fall of 2015, Quiet is launching a podcast series in partnership with Panoply. Panoply is a premium podcast network created by the people behind Slate’s award-winning audio network that connects sophisticated listeners with top publishers and thinkers. Episodes will cover topics ranging from leadership to parenting and relationships and will feature interviews and conversations with influential introverts.

rule29-logoRule29 is a strategic design firm specializing in branding and “Making Creative Matter®” for the Quiet website. They have been instrumental in helping us design and develop our on-line experience, providing much guidance along the way. This will be a key area of focus for us over the coming months as we continue to introduce exciting new features to our online community.


Writopia Lab is a New York City-based national creative writing program that has established a fantastic community of young writers ages 6 to 18.  Thanks to Writopia Lab for providing several of our talented Quiet Diaries writers as well as guiding their work toward publication.