Are You Parenting a Quiet Child?

Quiet children possess unique creative and intellectual talents, but may come across as shy and withdrawn in some social situations. Does this sound familiar? Take our 20-question quiz and find out if you're parenting a quiet child.

He is frequently a perfectionist.

He frequently retreats to the sidelines of a peer group and quietly observes, especially at a new activity.

She is sensitive to extreme temperatures, such as a cold pool or the hot sun.

He has a vivid imagination.

She often retreats to her room or a quiet corner of the house to recharge after stimulating activities.

She is shy or quiet when we have company over for a meal or at a restaurant.

He is a good, attentive listener.

He does not enjoy being the center of attention.

I often notice my child daydreaming.

She becomes very intimately bonded with and loyal to the small number of friends she makes.

She is sensitive to tags on clothes, uncomfortable fabrics, or new sports gear.

She is able to focus and concentrate on one task for an extended period of time, noticeably more so than many of her peers.

She typically withdraws and becomes shy or quiet around strangers.

Teachers, instructors or coaches have frequently described my child as ‘shy’ or ‘quiet’ or ‘slow to warm up’.

He is sensitive to loud noises such as thunder, fireworks, loud music or other kids shouting.

He is deliberate and careful when assessing a new task or situation.

She often looks down and becomes quiet when a neighbor or shopkeeper shouts “hello!”

He is noticeably more perceptive about details and nuances than many of his peers.

He would often prefer playing quietly with a close friend or two to joining a large, boisterous group.

She does not mind being alone.

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