Parent of a Child With Quiet Tendencies

Based on your responses your child has some quiet tendencies

Given the choice, quiet kids will devote their social energy to a small group of close-knit friends and family. They’re often hesitant and sometimes shut down when meeting people for the first time or experiencing something new.  That comes from their more deliberate approach to new risk.  These quiet kids have what we call a “Long Runway”.  

When quiet kids are in an overly stimulating environment (too loud, too crowded, too light) they tend to feel overwhelmed.  They often need to warm up to these new environments.  

Quiet kids often enjoy solitude. They have a rich inner life and are happy being on their own in their room, reading a book or doing something creative.  Sending a quiet child to their room is seldom a punishment for them.  Parents of quiet children should take care to make sure there is a place in their home where the child feels like they can safely retreat. Quiet kids often love play tents, beds with canopies or other structures (a “fort” made of sheets and pillows works just fine too!) that they escape to.  These types of places make them feel protected and safe.

If you’re the parent or caretaker of a quiet kid—or if you’re in an environment with many children—you should explore the parenting articles on our website and check out Susan Cain’s podcastThe Power of Introverts, for tools and strategies to empower quiet kids.