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“The simple granting of permission to be yourself can unlock your powers.” — Susan Cain

Learn. Join in. Share. If you’re interested in Quiet Revolution, you have lots of options, all free, and all aimed toward spreading knowledge and building community. Check out our posts covering all Quiet topics under the sun! And click on the Resources for Schools and Resources for Companies tabs to find a wealth of tools you can use right away within your own organization. And, here's more that you can do! Check out our suggestions for ways to embrace your own, as well as others’, natural strengths:

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Challenge yourself to expand your knowledge about introversion and extroversion and develop an understanding and appreciation of the unique temperaments of others. QuietRev.com is brimming with resources, stories, and tips about temperament — all offered at no charge.
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When you find an article that resonates with you — share it with friends, family, or colleagues. Send a link to Susan’s TED talk and tell them about her book. Spreading the word helps others understand that temperament matters.
We are grateful for you We at Quiet Revolution acknowledge, with gratitude, that you have joined us in support of our mission of empowering introverts for the benefit of us all. Thanks for finding us and for looking for ways to join us. Together we can make a difference. We are glad you are here.

The Power of Quiet for your Business

“The key to personality equality is to expand the definition of the ideal employee and leader. Quiet Revolution believes that ideas get better when all voices are heard.”
— Kate Earle, Chief Learning Officer
Let us help bring Quiet Revolution to your workplace. Here's how you can get started:
We at Quiet Revolution envision a workplace world where definitions of leadership — currently favoring the “bold, alpha, and gregarious” workers — are broadened to allow all people to fulfill their inherent potential; where creative processes — currently favoring an excessive reliance on “groupthink” and the loudest voices — tap into every person’s natural strengths; and where “good performance” — currently fraught with “she needs to speak up more” performance reviews for introverts — is redefined to recognize every person’s unique contributions.

We have worked thousands of hours designing and testing a unique new model for bringing this vision to reality in your workplace. The result? Employees feel valued, new leaders emerge, confidence increases, and innovative work rises to the top.


DISCOVER THE IMPACT OF OUR PROGRAMS Read what our clients have to say about us. REFLECT ON YOUR WORKPLACE DYNAMICS Ask yourself: How does your organization support all ideas in the room? Are some voices getting drowned out or held back? How could temperament-based learning help mitigate these issues? Studies show that the best performing teams are a healthy mix of introverts and extroverts and that these two personality types enjoy working together. All employees want to be part of a workplace culture that appreciates these temperament differences and encourages the contribution of each employee from a place of confidence and authenticity. FIND YOUR ALLIES Identify people in your company who may be open to a discussion on temperament. Is there a manager, co-worker, or person in your learning and development or human resources office who would be willing to enter into a conversation? Seek out one or two people and show them the TED Talk, share an article from our website, and have them take our Introvert/Extrovert personality test. GET IN TOUCH WITH US Would you, along with one of your managers or team members, be willing to talk with someone here at Quiet Revolution? Let us know how we can help! Contact us to engage in a conversation. We would love to hear from you.