An Illustrated Guide to Sleepovers for Little Introverts

Marzi, otherwise known as Introvert Doodles, is our newest regular contributor! Watch this space for more illustrated tips for you and the introverted littles in your life.

Q: My introverted 10-year-old daughter was invited to her first sleepover. She wants to go, but she’s also nervous. Any advice on how to make it easier?

A: I think it’s wonderful that she’s willing to try something that’s a little out of her comfort zone. Parties can be overwhelming for introverts—especially all-night parties!

Here are a few ideas to make the experience a positive one.

1) Encourage her to find brief moments of solitude. For example, she might volunteer to get drinks for everyone so she can enjoy a few minutes alone in the kitchen.Drinks

2) Let her bring board games or magazines to share. These provide a nice break from over-stimulating activities.

3) Schedule a phone call. This gives her the opportunity to find a quiet space for a calming conversation.

Call4) She can suggest building blanket forts, then create a private, cozy corner for a more peaceful night’s sleep. Consider packing headphones or earplugs so she can retreat from the noise while still being present. Bonus: this makes her look extra mysterious to her friends.Set up

5) Finally, encourage your daughter to find her own way to explain what it means to be an introvert, and others will probably respond positively. This is an advantage that will come in handy not only at sleepovers but throughout her life: she KNOWS she’s an introvert and understands her need for downtime. This type of self-awareness is helpful for any introvert, but it is especially empowering when embraced at a young age. Battery

I hope your daughter has a great time. But be warned: she might want to have a sleepover at your house next!