Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Let Quiet Revolution’s FAQ provide some answers!



What is Quiet Revolution's vision for the workplace?

Complete silence. Unlimited free coffee. A company cat.

Really though, we’ve spent thousands of hours designing and testing a transformative model for bringing a new definition of leadership to your workplace. Where the mono-narratives of leadership, creativity, and performance success move beyond the favored “bold and alpha” temperaments. Where “She needs to speak up more” becomes “Her thoughtful ideas helped take this program to the next level.” Where “He’s too quiet to take charge” becomes “His patience and deep focus gave us the edge we needed to make the best choices.”

Our model utilizes trained dynamic, committed specialists called Quiet Ambassadors. The best part? Quiet Ambassadors are people who already work for you: They are introverts and extroverts; women and men; current and future leaders. Quiet Ambassadors are first armed with the knowledge and skills to understand and tap into their own and — as importantly — each other’s unique natural strengths, and second, convert that knowledge into action immediately to broaden definitions of leadership, amend creative processes, and redefine good performance.

The result? Employees feel valued, new leaders emerge, confidence increases, and innovative work rises to the top.

And free coffee OR a cat.

What are your workplace offerings? Quiet Ambassador Network (QAN)
The Quiet Ambassador Network is Quiet Revolution’s flagship learning journey. QAN, developed in partnership with companies such as LinkedIn, GE and others, serves all employees in companies that seek to unlock the potential of their workers for improved leadership and creative results and for a redefinition of “good performance” for their people. The Quiet Ambassador Network is a group of pioneering companies creating cultures where all talent thrives.

Quiet Tech Network (QTN)
Our ground-breaking Quiet Tech Network is an exclusive alliance between the Anita Borg Institute and Quiet Revolution, serving ABI partners and their technologist workers. QTN uses revelatory new research, tools, and applications on introversion and extroversion to deliver intersectional solutions encompassing both gender and personality equality in the workplace.

Custom Experiences
Quiet Revolution delivers workshops with the potential to transform your workplace by forging new leaders, new creative processes, and a new definition of “good performance” in ways that fully leverage both introverted and extroverted strengths inherent in your people.

Quiet Schools Network (QSN)
Quiet Revolution is committed to helping ensure the next generation of young people grow up understanding that their unique temperament — introvert or extrovert — can be a lasting source of strength and confidence, not a burden to overcome. Our Quiet Schools Network is a diverse group of leading schools — from high school to early childhood, both public and private, from across the nation — that develop Quiet Ambassadors who lead the way in our nation’s schools. If your school would like to learn more, please contact us. [NOTE: Quiet Revolution is not currently expanding schools we serve within our Quiet Schools Network, but if you write us and leave your contact information, we will contact you as soon as our next cohort of schools is formed!].

Can I request a speaker for an event or an interview?YES! Susan Cain or one of our corporate, school, or parenting experts from Quiet Revolution are available for speaking engagements and/or interviews.


Am I an introvert?
Could be. Take our quiz to find out!
Can I send a note to Susan Cain?Please do! While Susan can’t personally respond to each email, she wants you to know that she truly appreciates hearing from you.

Can I share my own story for possible publication?Yes! Although we can’t guarantee your writing will appear on QuietRev.com, we do hope you will submit and contribute to our vibrant online community. Here are a few ways Quiet Revolution engages writers:
  • Articles for QuietRev.com: [email protected]
  • Quiet Revolutionaries: [email protected]. Personal stories about how has your temperament impacted your life.
  • Quiet Field Notes: [email protected]. Personal stories about how your temperament impacted your career.
  • Quiet Diarists: [email protected]. A special place for our writers under age 18 to share their stories about introversion and life.


You have to see my art!
We’d love to! Send it on to [email protected] and we’ll let you know if we are able to feature it on QuietRev.com.
Do I have a quiet child?
We’re not sure, but you can take this quiz to find out.
My ear buds help me tune out chaos- do you have any podcast suggestions?
We have those days, too. Actually that describes most of our days. Try listening to Susan Cain’s 9-part Podcast for tools and strategies to empower quiet kids.

Is Quiet Revolution too quiet to be on social media?Nope, we love social media and the online community of individuals who share our passion. Quiet Revolution can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Come and join the conversation!
Can I buy merchandise?So sorry, but not yet! We can’t wait to offer merchandise in the future. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter to get updates on everything new with Quiet.
Do you offer workshops for individuals?Not yet. We are currently working hard to create an offering for individuals that is up to our highest standards. Until then we have some ideas to get you started on the road of self discovery.
I’ve read the book, watched the TED talk, and now I want more! What can I do to get involved?Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that there are people out there who share our passion! Check out ways to get involved. and look at our website for great articles and personal stories.
I'm feeling blue and need support. At some point we all need support, especially if we’ve been subtly told that our quiet nature isn’t good enough. Please understand that we can’t give you advice on personal matters that are beyond the scope of our expertise. We do have articles on the website that may be helpful. Check out the website and social media to know you are not alone. If you need expert guidance, we highly recommend contacting a professional for assistance. Here’s a starting point for you.

Did you get all the way through that list but nothing worked for you? Try us at [email protected], and we’ll do our best to help!