Val Nelson

I’m Val Nelson, a fellow introvert, and a career/business/life coach based in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. I was once a painfully shy wallflower, and have found my way to unleashing my voice and having my own thriving business. I’m so grateful I went from nervous introvert to confident relaxed introvert. This freedom feels so good!

I know it didn’t have to be so hard for me, so I’m determined to set more introverts free from the struggle of trying to fit into an extrovert-dominant world. You can be successful, be heard, and still be true to yourself. No extrovert mask required.

I’ve helped hundreds of people discover more ease and fulfilling success. I’m thrilled to offer guidance here so I can help more introverts. I invite you to visit me at, a section just for you so you can get more juicy stuff.