Kelly Wickham Hurst

Kelly Wickham Hurst is the founder and CEO of Being Black at School, a new initiative to empower parents and educators to make schools a safe place for Black children. She’s a writer and educator who spent 23 years in the school system as a teacher, guidance dean, and assistant principal.

Kelly is best known as the author of the award-winning blog Mocha Momma, where she chronicles her life as a former teen parent, a birth mom, and a single mother who took her then 3-year old daughter to college with her.

She attended the Quiet Summer Institute in the summer of 2016 only to learn that she’s not as extroverted as she once thought. Reading Susan Cain’s book gave her the permission to value her quiet time of renewal and now refers to herself as an ambivert.

Kelly resides in Illinois between Bloomington and Springfield with her husband. She can’t give up her house in Springfield because her oldest daughter will soon make her a grandmother and there’s no way she wants to miss out on that. You can follow Kelly’s work on Twitter and Instagram @mochamomma.