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Forrest Watkins

Forrest Watkins is the quiet child of a quiet family. For his entire preschool career, he abdicated participation in Friday’s division of the Hallah bread because it would have required him to walk across a room while everyone focused their attention on him and sang.

He grew up in Eugene, Oregon, where it used to rain all winter long and stay green all summer. He studied Biochemistry and Spanish in college (at a school whose mascot is no longer the Fighting Missionaries), but left for China upon graduation to spend a year on a teaching fellowship at a small college in rural China. It was his (almost) equally quiet sister who inspired him to do what he is doing now, which is cycling around the world to collect stories of climate change. He is currently pedaling through Central Asia on his way to Europe and the next UN Climate Conference in Marrakech, Morocco.

Check out for notes from the road and stories from the humans of climate change, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter .