Daisy Swan

Daisy Swan, MA, CPCC, career expert, strategist, coach and counselor, has assisted hundreds of clients over the past 20+ years to make the professional and personal choices and transitions that change their lives for the better. Daisy guides her clients to clarify their needs and goals, and supports them as they find and take the necessary steps to realize the professional and personal life they desire. Daisy’s clients are senior executives, attorneys, managers and assistants in every function from companies such as Google, Mattel, Disney, and Universal Studios to too many start-ups and mid-sized companies to mention here – as well as the hundreds of recent graduates from colleges all over the country, who are just starting to manage their career trajectory.

Daisy earned her B.A. from Loyola University Chicago and her Masters degree in Social Sciences from University of Chicago. Originally from New York City, Daisy has lived in Los Angeles for 20+ years and is the mother of a teenaged son.