Susan Cain

A Message to Our Community from Susan Cain

Dear Quiet Revolution community,

As we hope you know by now, we value you deeply, and want you to be aware of all the twists, turns and leaps into the unknown that we take as part of this occasionally daunting, always audacious Quiet Revolution adventure.

The site was born when I saw how my book and TED talk resonated with people across the globe, and I was inspired to build a community of introverts who would support each other while growing as quiet leaders. Quiet Revolution is driven by this mission, and our team is here for the love of this goal.

We are so excited about what this community and our team have accomplished so far. To date, there have been about 6 million unique visitors to the site; about 14 million page views of our content; and about 2 million people have learned about themselves by taking our personality quiz. Thank you all for your passion!

Because this is a labor of love and enthusiasm, when we first started the site, we wanted to do everything to connect with our community. We still do! But we’re finding it impossible to do it all—or at least, to do it all at once. So we’ve decided to proceed in stages.

In this next stage, we’ll focus on the Quiet Ambassador Network and its sister organization, the Quiet Tech Network, in which we train, coach, and encourage people in workplaces and schools who are passionate about our mission to spread it far and wide within their organizations. We’ve chosen workplaces and schools because so many of us spend so much time in them; we believe that making change there means making change throughout the culture.

Our ultimate goal is to have Quiet Ambassadors everywhere, in all different kinds of organizations. Also, we want to make it possible for individuals who aren’t members of one organization or another to serve as solo Quiet Ambassadors. (This is, after all, a collection of introverts!)

So. None of this means that the website and its stories are going away! But it does mean that in the short run, we’ll scale it back a bit; soon enough you’ll likely see us reshaping the content and the look of the site to focus on introverts at work and in school.   

For now, we’ll still publish a new article about once a week, and we’ll continue to share favorite pieces that we’ve published in the past that we think you’ll still love. We have no doubt that the website will continue to evolve and grow along with the organization.

We’re excited about where we’ve been, and even more so about where we’re going. That’s in no small part thanks to you—we wouldn’t be where we are now without our passionate community and our dedicated writers. Thank you for staying with us as we evolve!

May you continue to shake the world gently.


Susan Cain

Chief Revolutionary and co-Founder, Quiet Revolution


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