9 Tranquil Scenes for Post-Holiday Reflection

I love this time of year—I love that January is finally a time of quiet. A time of peace. After all the excitement of year-end parties and celebrations, the introvert in me longs for the solace of fireplaces, cold foggy mornings, and the hush that seems to accompany winter and the new year. As a photographer, I’ve always been attracted to peaceful images.

Here are some of my favorites:

A lone calla lily in the Costa Rican rainforest:



 Dusk falling over the Manhattan skyline:


The first cold day of the season—raindrops reflect the chill:


Late-blooming flowers on a bright cool evening:


A winter sun sets over the La Crema vineyard in Sonoma:


One of my favorite flowers—nothing calms like the scent of lavender:


Sunrise on Lake Austin:


 A self-portrait among fallen foliage:


One of my favorite things is to listen to my daughter practice her guitar:


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