By Jennifer Mattern


What to Do When You’re Overthinking Your Own Happiness

Afraid to believe in your good fortune? This piece is for you. Read more >


By The Quiet Leadership Institute

Team members working together

More Than Trust Falls: The Evolution of a Team

Team-building is not your cup of tea? Try this perspective for quiet souls. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Derek Walter

Stacked yellow pencils

Why We Need to Make Space for Quiet Teachers

The push for performance and excessive collaboration leaves little room for quiet teachers. Read more >


By Ellen Hendriksen

woman sitting alone

The 4 Differences Between Introversion and Social Anxiety

Conquer social anxiety while staying true to your introversion. Read more >


By Leigh Stringer

Green office space

Hack Your Habits with Healthy Nudges

Want to be healthier and more productive? Let your environment do the work for you. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Brian Gresko

DIfferent colored pastels

Embracing the Spectrum: Prodigies, Autists, and the Kids in Between

How to see your child’s (and your own) weaknesses as strengths. Read more >


By Lindsay Hood


The Social Introvert on Houseguests

People's differences are totally ok. But sometimes you have to talk about them. Read more >


By The Quiet Leadership Institute

vintage photo of the brooklyn bridge

For You, Half Price: The Art of Selling the Bridge

The minds, motives, and methods of con artists—and the people they fool. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Yasmine Jacobs

Yellow banana in white peel

Celebrating Awkward, Shy, Peculiar, and Odd

An international perspective on quiet education. Read more >


By Susan Cain


Are Some of the Best Doctors Cerebral Introverts?

Bedside manner and charm aren’t the same thing. Read more >


By Mary Ellen Van Buskirk


Still Life: Calm in Motion

Rejuvenate yourself in just a few moments. Read more >


By The Quiet Leadership Institute

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington Goes Beyond the Snooze Button

Tips to regain the one thing that can do your body the most good. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Quiet Revolution

Susan Cain

Susan Cain’s Quiet: Now an Illustrated Book for Introverted Kids

From Susan Cain's newest book for kids and teens, and the educators and parents in their lives: "Fear is a powerful enemy, but passion is an even stronger friend." Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Susan Cain

Girl writing a book

How My Mother Helped Launch My Writing Career

Sometimes it's the things you don't say that matter the most. Read more >


By Jennifer Mattern

scissors have cut a paper doll from the chain

The Grumpy Introvert’s Advice on Friend Breakups

You shouldn’t have to do backflips to keep anyone in your life, ever. Read more >


By Pat Wadors

Man gives presentation

How Quiet Ambassadors Will Revolutionize the Extroverted Workplace

Spread the power of quiet into your workplace and beyond. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Heidi Kasevich

teacher helping students in the classroom

There’s More to Class Participation Than Raising Hands

What if class participation was measured by different standards? Read more >


By Susan Cain

silhouette of woman at sunset

A Still, Small Voice

It's not just introverts who value and crave quiet. Read more >


By Jennifer Mattern


Failure, Reframed

Introvert: a code word for resilient. Read more >


By The Quiet Leadership Institute

Man on top of a mountain

The Road to Extraordinary

Deliberate practice are the keys to success. Read more >