9 Ways to Explain Your Introversion

“Why are you so quiet?”

“Why are you leaving early?”

“Why do you spend so much time alone?”

I’ve been asked such questions many times, but I’ve always found them difficult to answer. How can introversion be explained in a relatable way? 

Here are answers to 9 questions introverts get all the time:

1) Why do you always leave early?

Why do you always leave early? comic2) Why do you need so much time alone?

Why I like to be alone comic3) You’d really rather be at home than go to a party?

Introvert Dream House comic4) But don’t you get lonely?

Often alone, rarely lonely comic5) You’re so QUIET. Why don’t you talk more?

Why don't you talk more? comic
6) Wouldn’t you rather be an extrovert?

Wouldn’t you rather be an extrovert? comic

7) What are some things you love about being an introvert?

Why I love being an introvert comic8)  Is it possible for introverts and extroverts to be friends?

Is it possible for introverts and extroverts to be friends? comic

9) What about romantic relationships? How can I show an introvert I love them?

How can I show an introvert I love them? comicIf you liked these drawings, check out the 175 comics in my new book, Introvert Doodles. Learn more about my doodle project at IntrovertDoodles.com.

Marzi is the author of Introvert Doodles: An Illustrated Look at Life in an Extrovert World

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  • Katie Mate

    Love, love, love this site

  • Debserwin

    These are great, I love #5 – the origami analogy is genius. I’ve been questioning how I hold back from telling other people stuff about myself and I get frustrated when it feels like people don’t want to make an effort to get to know me, but this has helped me realise that my reticence is about protecting the things that are important and precious to me, I’ll ‘unfold’ who I am with the right people. Thanks!

  • Younique

    Loving these introvert Doodles , great work Marzi.Keep it up!

  • Sonia Azalia

    this article and especially the doodles warm my heart so much 🙂

  • Manuela Ribeiro

    Yes, next time I’ll show them to certain teachers that are really needing this explanation about their students! Great!

  • Manuela Ribeiro

    Love all of this!!!!!

  • THIS IS BRILLIANT! Can’t deny… I’m a straight up introvert. Love the doodles!

  • Erin Kahn

    These are great! I want to show them to EVERYONE I know.

  • Kim

    If only the comics had more diverse characters.

  • Christina Cooper

    I want to live in the introvert dream house!!

  • Kay Sal

    I wish I could blow these up and share them at work.

  • Lisa

    Oh Junie, I feel your pain. It is tough, yes. This year, instead of going along with the Forced Family Fun, I stayed home alone with my kitteh on Christmas. What a joyous, peaceful day it was not having to pretend and be around all the commotion. My family is like yours but I’m at the point in my life where I accept and embrace my quietness and just shrug my shoulders when they try to enforce their in-your-face interactions. Give yourself permission like I did! There is nothing wrong with is and you know you’re not alone. Unless it’s by choice. 🙂

    • Junie

      Oh how I’d love to just stay home! 😀 I guess in time I will learn to be comfortable enough in who I am to not feel the pressure to fight against them. Thanks for the share Lisa, it’s good to know I am not alone nor strange for not finding any joy in doing crowded family gatherings.

  • Lisa

    Thank you for the big laugh-and the total understanding. I’ve been explaining for years how my dream house would have a moat around it but I would also settle for a trap door. Really.

  • Dominador

    These were so awesome that I placed two orders for the Introvert Doodles.. one for me and one for my daughter, both proud introverts!

  • ShyGirl

    These are lovely and confront the challenges in such a positive, constructive way.

  • OneWithJeff

    I learned more about myself in this piece than I could ever put into words. Thank You!

  • Natalya Williamson

    This is by far one of my favorite posts!!!

  • David Pool

    The intersection of the Doodle Revolution and the Quiet Revolution! Love it!

    • Lisa

      This is great for those visual learners; for the rest of us quiet revolutionaries, we just get it.

  • This made my day! Thank you, Marzi!

  • CJ

    Introvert Doodles is one of the best books on introversion that I’ve ever read (and I’ve read a lot of them)! Marzi’s art is insightful and funny and sometimes so poignant that it brought a tear to my eye, even as I was chuckling in recognition. She’s the best!

  • kreiosvasu

    These are so true it hurts.

    • Moe

      I got calmed by these – let me knew more who i am