By Sophia Dembling

woman's footsteps on a beach

These Travel Destinations Prove That “Quiet” Doesn’t Mean “Boring”

When introverts want to get away, they want to really get away. Good-time travel for introverts allows time and space for quiet contemplation of the world’s many wonders. Read more >


By Scott Barry Kaufman

woman playing with flowers behind her

The Surprising Benefits of a Quiet Ego

What is so great about a quiet ego is that it is not a silent ego. The quiet ego brings others into the self without losing the self. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Quiet Revolution

Quiet Revolution Reader Survey

Quiet Revolution’s Reader Survey

Your voice and passion for Quiet Revolution is our driving force, and we need your help: Can you please help us improve our website by taking our reader survey? Read more >


By Susan Cain


How Extroverts and Introverts Can Understand Each Other

Try this: instead of thinking about how you are being seen, focus on what you do well and draw on your natural, quiet introverted strengths. Read more >


By Eden Kennedy

woman reading on the couch with her feet up

Why I Need a Room of My Own (and Maybe You Do, Too)

Some people find their focus in the midst of busy coffee shops or quiet library carrels. I found mine while wrapped in a fake fur blanket in the room over our garage. Read more >


By Tamara Paton

Three professionals around a table discussing something over drinks -- 4 Low-Risk Strategies for Expanding Your Network

4 Low-Risk Strategies for Expanding Your Network

The outgoing thrive in a sea of people sipping cocktails and exchanging business cards. But can a wallflower compete from the sidelines? Read more >


By Emily White

friends having dinner

Get Out and Take Risks: How to Triumph Over “Front Door Syndrome”

Your home is familiar and comforting; the group will be new and unpredictable—it’s no wonder we often find ourselves staring at the door, trapped in a psychological tug-of-war. Read more >


By Susan Cain


How to Transcend Political Differences: Make Everyone Sit Still

A series of experiments showed that when people’s minds are attuned to the idea of action, they become more close-minded. Read more >


By Sophia Dembling

mother in law greeting son at wedding

The Social Introvert: Stand Up to Pushy In-Laws

Maybe I’m a little stubborn, but the more they push me to go at their pace, the more I pull back. Read more >


By Meagan Francis

woman on a conference call at work

Conquering the Conference Call

All those voices competing with one another to get their point across? It’s a quiet-lover’s Kryptonite. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Priscilla Gilman

little girl hides behind big leaf

Helping Your Quiet Child Navigate Social Settings

You don't have to make excuses or apologize for your son’s temperament, ever. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Susan Cain


How to Parent Sensitive (Orchid) Children

“Most of us have genes that make us as hardy as dandelions: able to take root and survive almost anywhere. A few of us, however, are more like the orchid: fragile and fickle, but capable of blooming spectacularly if given greenhouse care.” Read more >


By Tina Rowley

woman meditating

In Defense of Spirituality (With or Without Religion)

I don’t know where this core meets God or the divine or the big humming nothingness, but I believe it meets it somewhere. Read more >


By Val Nelson


Dear Val: The Secrets to Mastering Meetings

The typical format of free-for-all discussions favors people who are more comfortable jumping in before thinking through their thoughts. Read more >


By Dr. Craig Malkin

Woman taking a selfie on her phone

Why a Little Narcissism Can Be Healthy

Healthy narcissism helps us to see ourselves and those we love through slightly rose-colored glasses, remain resilient when we fail, feel passionate about what we love, and pursue our dreams even when they seem a bit beyond our reach. Read more >


By Susan Cain

woman giving a speech

How to Overcome the Fear of “Putting Yourself Out There”

So many fears, so many ideas worth sharing. What to do? Here are eight ideas to help you power through these disabling emotions. Read more >


By Isabella Huffington

Michael De Feo

“Start By Creating a Problem”: An Interview with Artist Michael De Feo

“I sometimes start by creating a problem that has to be solved. I make myself uncomfortable and have to find my way out via my own path in paint.” Read more >


By David Zweig

business people having a meeting

The Myth of the Larger-Than-Life Leader

And while it may feel as though the whole world is beguiled by those who make the most noise in conference rooms and boardrooms, it’s encouraging and, critically, worth noting that that’s not actually the case. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Brian Gresko


Celebrating Kids’ Birthdays Without Losing Our Minds

We have to do not just what's best for our kids—but for us too. It's like using the oxygen mask on an airplane. You can't help your child if you don't help yourself first. Read more >


By Susan Cain

couple's hands

5 Practices for Cultivating More Loving Relationships

We enter into adult relationships, in other words, looking for the love we had---or wished we had---as children. Read more >