By David Zweig

business people having a meeting

The Myth of the Larger-Than-Life Leader

And while it may feel as though the whole world is beguiled by those who make the most noise in conference rooms and boardrooms, it’s encouraging and, critically, worth noting that that’s not actually the case. Read more >


By Susan Cain

couple's hands

5 Practices for Cultivating More Loving Relationships

We enter into adult relationships, in other words, looking for the love we had---or wished we had---as children. Read more >


By Adam McHugh

Gift with multi-colored polka dots | The Gifts of Introversion

The Gifts of Introversion

It seems that extroversion gets to be defined by what it is, but introversion is too often defined by what it isn’t. Read more >


By Karen Walrond


The Introverted Priest: An Interview with The Rev. Sarah T. Condon

As I sat in the pews, watching the ceremony, I couldn’t help but get a bit emotional: here was this woman—married and pregnant—about to be welcomed to the priesthood. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Kristen Howerton


The Introverted Parent on Vacation (with Four Kids)

There’s no place to go. There’s no time to myself. How do I stay sane? Read more >


By Susan Cain

piano keys

Why Sad Songs Say so Much

Why do I feel so thrilled when Jacques Brel sings of abandonment? Why do I prefer my Chopin in C sharp minor? Read more >


By Sophia Dembling

couple sitting on a deck on their wedding day

The Social Introvert: Can I Hide at My Own Wedding?

But “a wedding” is a generic term for an event that you can meld to your own needs, desires, and preferences; it needn’t be a full-out veil-and-flower-girl event with dinner, speeches, and a band playing hits of the 1980s. Read more >


By Adam Grant

smiling girl with leaves in the air

5 Myths About Introverts and Extroverts

Despite growing social and professional acceptance, introverts are still wildly misunderstood. Read more >


By Susan Cain


What Are Your Greatest Character Strengths? Take This Quiz to Find Out

A great tool for assessing your strengths—and then creating a life that draws on them. Read more >


By Emily White

Girl in bed with her cat | Leave Your House, Change Your Life

Leave Your House, Change Your Life

In the long term, staying in can leave us more isolated—and isolation then compounds the stress we’re trying to avoid. Read more >


By David Zweig


Feeling Lonely as a Quiet Professional? Try Looking Abroad for Solidarity and Validation

In certain fields or positions within organizations where people tend to work alone or behind the scenes, e.g., as computer coders or back office accountants, extroversion is neither expected nor often rewarded. Read more >


By Elan Morgan


Nurturing Your Natural Strengths as an Introvert

I am not “strange”—I am strong. And rather than trying to bend myself to an extroverted set of behaviors that hurt me, I have learned to nurture the gifts of my introversion. Read more >


By Susan Cain

Globe | How Pursuing a Quest Can Bring Purpose to Your Life

How Pursuing a Quest Can Bring Purpose to Your Life

After thinking carefully about what you enjoy doing and what you find most meaningful, maybe you should think about making that thing the focus of your daily life for years to come. Perhaps you should consider a quest. Read more >


By Lisa Congdon

woman in onesie holding teddy bear

How I Conquer Insomnia (Even if I Don’t Get Any Sleep)

Death from lack of sleep sounds dramatic, but for those who experience sleepless nights and the exhausting days that follow, insomnia feels almost that grim. Read more >


By Val Nelson


Dear Val: How Do I Handle My Bosses’ Gossiping?

I need quiet time to work. And it's difficult to work with a whole heart for bosses who are so unprofessional. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Priscilla Gilman


The Anti-Romantic Child: An Excerpt

Benj had taught me both how to be alone with myself and to recognize that the space between us is something to cherish. Read more >


By Lindsay Hood

Couple Reading Together | Dating While Introverted: What You Need To Know

Dating While Introverted: What You Need to Know

Do you want to be in love? You have to go through the process. No one gets to skip it. We’re all battle-scarred here, my friend. Read more >


By Tina Rowley

Woman Meditating on a Dock | How (and Why) I Meditate

How (and Why) I Meditate

The prospect of relief is what drives me to the meditation cushion over and over, more than any other motivation. I’m not looking for God; I’m not trying to be a better person. I’d welcome both of those side effects—but really, I’d just like to stop whirring. Read more >


By Sophia Dembling

Man in a job interview

The Social Introvert: Rocking the Job Interview

Introverts are great listeners; we're good at drawing people out; and we're often a lot more comfortable listening than talking. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Brian Gresko

Mother and Son Painting Together | How to Find Quiet as a Parent, Wherever You Are

How to Find Quiet as a Parent, Wherever You Are

This seems to me the most important thing about introverted parenting: respecting your need to have time to yourself, even if you’re in the same room with your kid, and finding creative ways to do so. Read more >