Kids and Parenting

By Kristen Howerton

Young mother cuddling with toddler girl laughing

The Benefits of Being an Introverted Parent

I viewed my introversion as a parental liability, a flaw I had to overcome. Lately, though, I’ve been wondering: could my introverted personality be a benefit? Does it actually, in some ways, make me a better parent? Read more >


By Susan Cain

Image of standing meeting at an office - Getting Credit, Shining in Job Interviews, and More

Getting Credit, Shining in Job Interviews, and More: A Work Q&A with Susan Cain

I hope one day our culture will come to think of quiet as an asset! Until then, speak of your ability to focus, your incredible persistence at solving problems, or your tendency to forge strong alliances with fellow team members, one person at a time Read more >


By Adam McHugh

man looking at the landscape

Why Listening Can Be a Gift

My gifts were in preaching and teaching; what was the point of me visiting patients in hospital rooms? In other words, I was terrified. Read more >


By Eden Kennedy

Priest giving children communion | Growing Up As a Reluctant Catholic

Growing Up as a Reluctant Catholic

Confession seemed like it was for big things, like murder, and more murder, or at the very least the things I imagined the kids in my class seemed ready to admit: cheating on tests and smoking shoplifted Kools behind 7-11. Read more >


By Adam Grant

Illustration of podium with microphones

How I Overcame the Fear of Public Speaking

In the past year and a half, I’ve given over 100 keynote speeches and hundreds of presentations, and things have changed dramatically. I still get nervous occasionally, but public speaking is now one of my favorite activities. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By John Spencer

students listening to the teacher's lecture

7 Strategies for Surviving as an Introverted Teacher

I figured out how to carve a space for myself in an often extrovert-dominated field. Read more >


By Jennifer Mattern

people on the crosswalk

Happily Invisible: Why Tokyo Is the Perfect City for an Introvert and Her Camera

Whenever I can slip away to explore, I do—just me, my camera, and the thousands of strangers on the streets of Tokyo. I lose myself happily in crowds, the camera around my neck both a comfort and a buffer zone. Read more >


By Val Nelson

woman typing on a laptop

Dear Val: How Introverts Can Excel in Online Discussions

When the conversation moves from in-person to online discussions, I have a hard time participating. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Brian Gresko

Family standing together

No Guilt Allowed! Why Parents Need Time for Themselves

If you as an introvert hold yourself up to the standard set by our attachment-focused culture, you might end up feeling that something is wrong with you, that you don't love your kids as much as you should, or that you're somehow failing at parenting. You're not. Read more >


By Susan Cain

one chair separated from group of chairs with grey cloud over it

Shyness vs. Introversion, Surviving Playdates, Sharing Ideas, and More: Readers Ask Susan Cain

Instead of feeling like you should enjoy play dates (as many moms around you will appear to do), just acknowledge to yourself that this is one of those parenting challenges and give yourself a pat on the back when it’s done. Read more >


By Lacy Ellman


Finding Myself on the Interior Journey (Plus 3 Tips to Help You Find Your Way, Too)

It’s not that the spiritual nourishment offered by my youth group and my childhood church wasn’t authentic. It’s just the way in which I participated in it as an introvert wasn’t authentic to me. What was missing all those years was an invitation to the interior journey. Read more >


By Kelly O'Laughlin

Man sitting at desk | Want to be Happy at Work? Care Less About It

Want to Be Happy at Work? Care Less About It

Putting in slightly less effort in times of high stress doesn’t mean you don’t care about your job; it means you care about yourself more. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By John Spencer

girl erasing her homework

When Quiet Students Struggle

Despite my understanding of introversion, I had failed to see Perla struggling at reading because she had been struggling in such a quiet way. Read more >


By Susan Cain

woman soeaking to two people at networking event

How to Learn to Love Networking

We introverts tend to think it’s just us, but studies show that small talk is universally dreaded. We all want to connect at a deep level. Read more >


By Emily White

hands of group of people gardening

The G Word: Creating More Connection When the Word “Group” Alarms You

I learned something important: there are ways of connecting with people and with groups that aren’t loud and socially demanding. I also learned something else I never expected: being part of quiet groups feels really, really good. Read more >


By Karen Walrond

Laura Mayes, Conference Leader

Portrait of a Quiet Conference Leader

“I don’t like to be in the limelight,” she said then, “but I like being the person behind the person in the limelight. I like helping people shine.” Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Rebecca Woolf

Emma Lesko

“You Are Unique For a Reason”: An Interview with Author and Advocate Emma Lesko

As far as quiet children go, as an author, my goal is to help carve out a space for them in our culture. I write my books as honestly as I can in the hopes of cultivating empathy and understanding. Read more >


By Susan Cain

two people holding hands

How to be Courageous

Courage helps us grow and give. And it’s available to us all. Read more >


By Meagan Francis

Man with hand on his head with a pensive face

3 Tips For Overcoming Fraud Syndrome

No matter what skill or knowledge you lack, chances are you can identify at least one way you’ve overcome that limitation. Next time you find yourself focusing on the lack, why not flip it around and emphasize what you’ve accomplished in spite of it? Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Jessica Lahey


Class Participation: Let’s Talk About It

There are ways to encourage participation other than asking students to speak up in class, and silence is an incredibly important tool for promoting learning and teaching patience. Read more >