Kids and Parenting

By Susan Cain

Susan Cain

A Message to Our Community from Susan Cain

Dear Quiet Revolution community, As we hope you know by now, we value you deeply, and want you to be aware of all the twists,... Read more >


By Jennifer Mattern


The Grumpy Introvert on Being Unashamed of Your Bubble

Your happiness doesn't require explanation. Read more >


By Anett Grant

Man giving a speech in front of a crowd

5 Strategies for Dealing with Speaking Anxiety

It's counterintuitive, but no deep breaths! Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Navdeep Singh Dhillon

Family watching tv together

How to Make Bonding Time Out of Screen Time

Put the phone down... and turn on the TV?? Read more >


By Jane Babb


The Power of Silence

When doing nothing sometimes is the same thing as doing everything. Read more >


By The Quiet Leadership Institute

Thinking mind map | Make Meetings Meaningful

Make Meetings Meaningful

Boring is out; productive is in. Read more >

Kids and Parenting

By Marzi


An Introvert’s Guide to Managing Conflict

Turn your introvert assets into conflict-solving superpower! Read more >


By Quiet Revolution

The Book of Joy book cover

The Paradox of Joy: You Must Have It to Give It

Seeking joy for yourself is the opposite of selfish. Read more >